Friday, October 3, 2014

ones past

Forgetting isn't simple
Pain left behind with scars as constant reminders
Reveal ones Past mistakes
 filled with an everlasting void
in search for space
Life moves on
With chance  replaced

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


A fire inside me wants to ignite
Though slowing down as burning out
Has it lost its sight
In fear of doubt


Shadows follow
Though led to no destination
Still they remain
Left to ones imagination
The pain insane

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Not too late

Future made
Through past mistakes
Choices to make
By paths we take
It's never to late
To clean your slate

Sunday, August 3, 2014


standing still I'm falling
emotion set in motion
did you get the notion
as I watch the clock
time ticking  wrist watch
hours now passed
as if time was ours
will forever last


you only ever cared about yourself
stuffed with arrogance 
while time began to melt
I wish you knew half the pain I felt
remember me forgetting you

forgiving you was never a priority on the list to do's


few words explain a world
wasted lines have no point
I express a constant climax
up and down I know not
life disguised 

portrays a flatline

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

happy birthday mom

I give thanks for another year
through the blood, sweat, and tears
I will always hold
my mother
so dear
all the precious memories we shared
I'm still that same little mommas boy
for whom you looked after and cared
I love you more than anything life could ever possibly mold
and even when growing old
always remains
the special place in my heart which you so forever hold

Thursday, July 10, 2014


your not here
why am I here
I don't feel fear
I fight fear
shed tears
can't keep my head clear
can't forget
won't forget
it's to late for late
or is that just  me beginning to procrastinate
stuck in this time frame
behind a picture  frame
I can't  escape


I give up
left to write my ending
this chapters cut short
deeper and deeper
having caught a keeper
death unveils
and releases the grim reaper

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I win

Knock over a bucket tail between your legs already tucked it

Feet grounded in my shoes took flight
That's right no rights

Like a buzzer beater blows
I hope you Just come to know that I ain't lying bout nothing , see it on my face aint No Pinocchio nose

Each stroke of a pin , gives me a second wind , Still one step ahead no reason to pretend,
Just give me a second and i win without flinch


this weather is great
while I'm inside staring at metal grates
wishing I had free time
instead working for three dimes
days feel the same
schedule begins to fill

let go

life's a bet
so instead
I pick up a pen
turn the ink wet
and murder the alphabet

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Time crunched

It's a beautiful day with lots to say
Time crunched so I will make it short for old times sake
I forgive the world for its lack of time to permit
Not allowed the chance to unravel
My days begin to fray
What happened so recently ,my brain ;
even sooner has forgotten

Hidden book

A closed book I sit on a shelf
Clothes took to fit myself
Life's  story being foreseen
I await stitched inside These four seams

Under a tac

I feed on feedback
I never feel under attack
In an open field
I remain an unread bulletin
Pinned under a tac
My story abandoned
Bits and pieces
 left remains

At ease

I feed on feedback
Even while I stand on my feet or stretch my back
I never feel under attack
In a open field i remain an unread bulletin pinned under a tac

A closed book I sit on a shelf
Clothes took  to fit  myself
Life's story  foreseen
I'm stitched inside these four seams

Reliving the  good days
Why can't I  remain in this daze
I don't regret my past
For  its time already passed
I remain at peace 
After all I'm still in one piece

Monday, March 10, 2014

Sense it

Listen to the wind
Feel the earth growing older
Forget yesterday's latest trend
The whole world sits on your shoulders 
Come to know the unknown
Remember your present future and past
And don't have a heart of stone
Make it count while this lifetime lasts


I fear nothing
For nothing is to fear
Everything happens in it's obtained order
I accept that these things are not mine to steer
After all worrying won't make my life any shorter


I feel a change 
This is different
There's no limit and no range
Thing are all looking up
Been down for so long I almost lost hope
My once empty but now overflowing cup
No more time wasted to sit and mope
I went out and got it
Nothing was handed to me
Inside I feel a candles been lit
This is what it feels like to be free
To the end of the earth I will go
For I am all accepting of life's foreseen flow


I'm surrounded by life's blessings
Which way to go is like tug of war
Put together like a sundae 
Topped off with its own dressings
Something made out to be great
Suddenly feels as a chore
My future Lies in my own worn hands
Destiny is waiting for me to show
Like a drug with a million strands
Any way I go there will always be room left for me to grow

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Natures truth

Shadowed  stripes of sun beam lay across my face
A Feeling of. Warmth I thought I would never see
Theirs a calmness in quiet thats taken place
 beautiful creatures fly over in their attempt to flee
Vast blue Skies portraying an open ocean
I take refuge in natures loving arms
Stress taken away by the grace of an invisible potion
I have seen truth through its own distinctive charm
Drifting as wind I will follow the seasons
And Wherever I go I will always know
The love That was shown set free my  demons

Thursday, February 27, 2014


As a writer you may not always know how to express something simply because it's inexpressible 
When you go through a change in your life and finally wake up
You realize everything that has happened was just a process to bring you to this point in life now and not everyone will see it but when you do you'll never experience something as big and real as that
Knowing and seeing things in a different way makes you more at peace with the things that happen in life and knowing things that simply you thought were never there you now see and carries you away in to a different life

Monday, February 24, 2014

Another breath

When you take a breath
Take like it's your last
You'll never know
Give thanks for another second 
Embrace the sunrise 
Love the homeless
Forget about yesterday
Smile because there's no reason to frown
Don't let anyone bring you down
But lift them up
Play in the rain
Get burnt in the sun 
And enjoy every season that passes
Meet new people
Make new friends 
Don't be afraid of what's out there
It's not what's out there but what's in here
Inside you 
That's your life
Make memories
And don't live in regret 
Don't forget 
But remember every thing in life is lesson
Never stop expanding 
And never forget
That Every morning you wake up 
You were granted another breath
Instead of death

Life's meaning

Seems so often I'm searching for my meaning 
In life that is
What am I here for and how do I reveal my destiny and my future
Everyone has a plan and a present and past
When someone has gone through so much how can the holes be refilled and made whole again
Scars carried like trophies physically and mentally remain a constant reminder of pain
What does one do when they have a blank canvas mind
All previous dreams dead as I feel dead my self 
How too move pass this storm is my bearing struggle
Such heavy weight I have carried and traveled with
No way to let go or lighten the load
I feel no pitty
Some choose to run and block out reality
But I still wake up everyday and see truth staring back  in the mirror
Reality isn't pretty and neither is facing it 
But we as humans can't run forever
Eventually life covers it's tracks
And sets a new trail
Temptation will follow on this new journey 
And I'll let my heart lead in this next conquest
Forever remembering the things that made me fall 
This time Will be different  
For I am not settling for second best

Monday, January 6, 2014

A Fallen Sleep

Fast to dream
yet slow to wake
my baby has fallen asleep on me

My eyes stretched wide open
while hers so peaceful now rest at ease

So I sit and I wait
For her sleep is not mine to take

By Jonathan Grant McElroy

Broken Free

trapped by plastered walls
I see straight  through
my eyes lead me right back to you

fond moments progress
feeling relieved
I have drawn a rest

when I am able to forget
such troubled stress

what my brain once had suffered with

By Jonathan Grant McElroy

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Loved other

what we have is worth so much more
and is why not being their makes me so mad
 I miss my arms  wrapped so tight around you
 but ill be back soon baby so don't be sad
 these emotions I feel for you
they are just a few
 that my heart so rapidly began to spew
I long for your sweet kiss and familiar touch
 dreams of you with
memories we made
 wait for me baby if its not asking too much
 your a beautiful rose that never fades
 and ignite this vibrant fire
 so bright inside
  I can not hide
 and every time  sitting
 while blankly gazing up at the ceiling
 a smile appears across my face
because I know
I have found my one in a million

By Jonathan Grant McElroy



Memories are like leaves
they grow
and eventually
slowly pass away

By Jonathan Grant McElroy
Scrambled Ink



From behind closed doors to opposite ends of the world
lies to very significant pieces to a puzzle
which part has its place
stretching anywhere from north to south
east to west
the one who acquires
will soon admire
their piece of life in each others eyes
the force of life taken control
of what feels so invulnerable
but yet so weak
The ones we fall for
or soon to meet
in destinies timeline
we all
are beat

By Jonathan Grant McElroy
Scrambled Ink



Finding a four leaf clover
is in relation to finding the perfect one
yes there is always three leaves and two leaves
but why settle for less
when you have chance
to help you find the best

By Jonathan Grant McElroy
Scramble Ink



One simple little dot that set worlds apart
from start to end
the words you choose
will soon begin the narration of your life
that has been set in your hands
its up to you and only you
the people you love and the ones you lose
starting here
and ending there
the publisher of your life is always near

By Jonathan Grant McElroy
Scrambled Ink

Life within

Life Within

Stars, trees , skies, sun, moon, and Earth
all have one thing in common
all these have somewhat form of life
it has an effect
emotionally, physically, and spiritually
on someone's well being
something so calm
yet so powerful
yet the word life
or life itself
wouldn't be soon to be
if it weren’t for them
life wouldn’t be
so soon thought upon

By Jonathan Grant McElroy
Scrambled Ink

Frozen Captivity

Frozen Captivity

The winds howling at early dawn
picking up where the wolves left off
white blankets of snow
have masked a swan
beginning to walk
yet soon to trot
bitter winter
has taken one prisoner
rapid thoughts collide
as a puzzle should
my footprints erased
have left no trace
ice cold skin
and feeling of solitude
my heart slows down in search of space
one more breath
so slow to take
for it was too late
as the wolves began to chew

By Jonathan Grant McElroy
Scrambled Ink



A midnight walk to and from my local store
hearing voices that seem to quickly follow
while the clouds pull back on an everlasting walk
it began to pour
contemplating on night or day
i wish it were tomorrow
darkness overcomes
while street lamps illuminate
for life's worst nightmare has come alive
i have walked too far like a lined stranded bait
scared to breathe as though a thriller ride
should not i be afraid to die
what taunts these sudden fears is not for my eyes to see
hearing the moans and the cries like a long lost lullaby
my hope is all that is left
and is the key to set me free
lonesome winds turn to cold skies
which have all of a sudden left my mouth dry
my mind plays tricks in disguise to be complete
wishes turn to curses in the vast open desert
dying slowly
while my thoughts travel fast
in these past few days
seconds feel like hours
while i experience hurt
looking at myself
while my flesh was no more
i shed a tear
for every forgotten fear
but still aware
i watch closely
and slowly begin to wave
for it is over
and so am i
life gone
in a blink of an eye

By Jonathan Grant McElroy
Scrambled Ink

time standing still


Time set in place
worlds rotating backwards
is it past, present, or future
today or yesterday
what is tomorrow
when is tomorrow
days in a week
or years in a century
new species and new worlds
or is it new at all
what is
what was
or what will be
has it always been
which life are you in
which life are we in
does time exist
do these words exist
these words have been expressed by me
before the actual expression itself
are they not the same
one ends
where one begins
days, months, years, millenniums
all in a nutshell
its up to your conscious to see
or even if you're able to crack it
little is big
and big is little
what's not is
and has always been
an hour glass is just a depth perception
where do you stand
where does time stand
in whose hands
should we plan
to get an insight on life span
stop your clocks
time is an illusion
are you confused
why not
the world has consumed time
all time is
is a motion
a motion which things you fill
that seem to exist
wake up
for there
is now here
all the same
sudden drop to your knees
in hope to pray
in delusional thoughts
a mistake was made
time was never here
and this time its to late

By Jonathan Grant McElroy
Scrambled Ink

Invisible Ink

ink flowing bold through my veins
as though the niagra were alive inside
a whirlpool overflowing with letters
has kept me estranged

tossed around like a puppet
on a treacherous ride
I have gained composure and started anew
before i think or envision pain
the words are swift to spew

grasping the pen as thought to pretend
sentences starting to bend
i search deep within
only to reveal a familiar friend
just before the urge to quick to click send
i obtain my quest
yet soon to begin
I've foreseen the end

By Jonathan Grant McElroy