Monday, August 24, 2015

Take my hand

You don't have to do it alone
I feel your pain and understand
There's no manual for times like this
It's out of our hands
We learn to cope in our own ways
So Feel no regret 
As no grudges are held
We have one another to lean on
When this time met
Though These experiences are tough
And make us fragile 
Yet In the end draw us closer
So whenever you get knocked down
And are feeling weak
Take my hand 
For Tough as a boulder
Having climbed out ruts
together we'll  stand
Top Mountain Peak

Lost in the dark

i feel what i fear 
slowly drawing tears
dragged into a blackhole 
my body disappears
the unseen foreseen 
has brought me back
To a lost world
On a once tracked path
Time lapsed 
Followed walls collapse


Thursday, July 16, 2015

Last head first

For the last time
While time lasts
My passed past
Reflecting back 
Reflects back
My face first
Faced first

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


reliving the good days
Why can't I remain in this daze
I don't regret my past
For its time already passed
I remain at peace
After all I'm still in one piece

Senses since

hearing my heart beat amplified inside
Calm as an ocean
I feel a sense of confusion
Tired when I'm not tired
And not tired when I'm tired
Chills on my body when it's hot
When it's cold I sweat
No reason to explain
Things happening in the wrong order
Of course who is to say what is normal
Lately my senses have intensified
I don't question it
As much as I'm dumbfounded by its effect
As everything seems backwards
Time keeps moving forward

Left with me

no purpose or path set out
I'm left with the overwhelming doubt
Stuck in these familiar ruts
I'm stumped
Caged like a ruthless animal
Locked out from reality
I'm all alone
Singing the same song
With its unforgettable tone
Set me free
From this misery
Which accompanies me


help me to my feet
I can't do it alone
So much weight on my shoulders
Begin to crush
Any will I once had left
Like boulders
Time not in my favor
Leaves a bitter flavor