Tuesday, July 29, 2014

happy birthday mom

I give thanks for another year
through the blood, sweat, and tears
I will always hold
my mother
so dear
all the precious memories we shared
I'm still that same little mommas boy
for whom you looked after and cared
I love you more than anything life could ever possibly mold
and even when growing old
always remains
the special place in my heart which you so forever hold

Thursday, July 10, 2014


your not here
why am I here
I don't feel fear
I fight fear
shed tears
can't keep my head clear
can't forget
won't forget
it's to late for late
or is that just  me beginning to procrastinate
stuck in this time frame
behind a picture  frame
I can't  escape


I give up
left to write my ending
this chapters cut short
deeper and deeper
having caught a keeper
death unveils
and releases the grim reaper

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I win

Knock over a bucket tail between your legs already tucked it

Feet grounded in my shoes took flight
That's right no rights

Like a buzzer beater blows
I hope you Just come to know that I ain't lying bout nothing , see it on my face aint No Pinocchio nose

Each stroke of a pin , gives me a second wind , Still one step ahead no reason to pretend,
Just give me a second and i win without flinch


this weather is great
while I'm inside staring at metal grates
wishing I had free time
instead working for three dimes
days feel the same
schedule begins to fill

let go

life's a bet
so instead
I pick up a pen
turn the ink wet
and murder the alphabet