Tuesday, January 27, 2015

True reflection

Though sometimes we mess up trying to walk on glass shards
Don't be alarmed
When you glance in the mirror
Uncovering what seems a strangers face


Great thoughts fulfill the empty space
Time trapped in a wormhole reflects my face
Sun beaming across the plains cover the desolate land
Sucking in the dirt and filth Absorbing it like quick sand
Written with ones fate
A clean slate appears
Left Without a choice
One must follow the voice

Same tune

Days retraced as ordinary routine begin to ware
My mind burnt out hums the same tune
My head dillusioned
Falls behind
False enemy lines

These stripes

for all my hardships that have been stressed
Through the stripes I've worn
I've drawn a rest


Is my fate to turn fatal if I continue on
Can I burden this loss and conquer doom
Seasons filled with colors changed
I see new hope
For my fears now tame