Monday, March 10, 2014

Sense it

Listen to the wind
Feel the earth growing older
Forget yesterday's latest trend
The whole world sits on your shoulders 
Come to know the unknown
Remember your present future and past
And don't have a heart of stone
Make it count while this lifetime lasts


I fear nothing
For nothing is to fear
Everything happens in it's obtained order
I accept that these things are not mine to steer
After all worrying won't make my life any shorter


I feel a change 
This is different
There's no limit and no range
Thing are all looking up
Been down for so long I almost lost hope
My once empty but now overflowing cup
No more time wasted to sit and mope
I went out and got it
Nothing was handed to me
Inside I feel a candles been lit
This is what it feels like to be free
To the end of the earth I will go
For I am all accepting of life's foreseen flow


I'm surrounded by life's blessings
Which way to go is like tug of war
Put together like a sundae 
Topped off with its own dressings
Something made out to be great
Suddenly feels as a chore
My future Lies in my own worn hands
Destiny is waiting for me to show
Like a drug with a million strands
Any way I go there will always be room left for me to grow

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Natures truth

Shadowed  stripes of sun beam lay across my face
A Feeling of. Warmth I thought I would never see
Theirs a calmness in quiet thats taken place
 beautiful creatures fly over in their attempt to flee
Vast blue Skies portraying an open ocean
I take refuge in natures loving arms
Stress taken away by the grace of an invisible potion
I have seen truth through its own distinctive charm
Drifting as wind I will follow the seasons
And Wherever I go I will always know
The love That was shown set free my  demons