Sunday, January 5, 2014

time standing still


Time set in place
worlds rotating backwards
is it past, present, or future
today or yesterday
what is tomorrow
when is tomorrow
days in a week
or years in a century
new species and new worlds
or is it new at all
what is
what was
or what will be
has it always been
which life are you in
which life are we in
does time exist
do these words exist
these words have been expressed by me
before the actual expression itself
are they not the same
one ends
where one begins
days, months, years, millenniums
all in a nutshell
its up to your conscious to see
or even if you're able to crack it
little is big
and big is little
what's not is
and has always been
an hour glass is just a depth perception
where do you stand
where does time stand
in whose hands
should we plan
to get an insight on life span
stop your clocks
time is an illusion
are you confused
why not
the world has consumed time
all time is
is a motion
a motion which things you fill
that seem to exist
wake up
for there
is now here
all the same
sudden drop to your knees
in hope to pray
in delusional thoughts
a mistake was made
time was never here
and this time its to late

By Jonathan Grant McElroy
Scrambled Ink