Monday, February 24, 2014

Life's meaning

Seems so often I'm searching for my meaning 
In life that is
What am I here for and how do I reveal my destiny and my future
Everyone has a plan and a present and past
When someone has gone through so much how can the holes be refilled and made whole again
Scars carried like trophies physically and mentally remain a constant reminder of pain
What does one do when they have a blank canvas mind
All previous dreams dead as I feel dead my self 
How too move pass this storm is my bearing struggle
Such heavy weight I have carried and traveled with
No way to let go or lighten the load
I feel no pitty
Some choose to run and block out reality
But I still wake up everyday and see truth staring back  in the mirror
Reality isn't pretty and neither is facing it 
But we as humans can't run forever
Eventually life covers it's tracks
And sets a new trail
Temptation will follow on this new journey 
And I'll let my heart lead in this next conquest
Forever remembering the things that made me fall 
This time Will be different  
For I am not settling for second best